Saturday, 28 January 2012


Well I decided to keep a training blog - to maybe know how I feel about training and my body and what the hell is going on with it. I called this blog the training butterfly because it is training that has helped me change who I was an emerge from my shell. I was 21st8lb (305lb) at the start of June 2009. This is me then and now(209lb)

So my reason for training, my daughter, she came home from school and said that I was the fattest Mammy in her class. So I decided to do something about it, I started walking and jogging and riding my exercise bike. I then got an Achilles injury and without this I never would have lost my 7 stone. I started swimming because I couldn't do anything else. I was going so much and getting stronger one of the staff told me to take out a membership because I would save loads of money. I did and by then I was feeling so much better, and having phys
io and so I booked an induction to the gym, within a month I was in a class - boxercise, then
gradually doing circuits! I went from training 3 times a week to now 5/6 days a w
I now take 2 bootcamp classes, TRX, Tabata, and 2 circuits a week :) and feel like a different person. I handle life in a different way now, I was fearful of everything before, often having that feling of dread that something was about to go wrong and rarely did it! I still get it occasionally but not too much now.
So lately I found Beachbody and Team beachbody web page, and after wangling my way on (I live in the UK) I have had the best support from my Beach body coach - Karla :) She is just amazing and let's me see there are others out there who get it - when you do y
our first full press up the glee you have, the first time you lift a weight you thought impossible! I love her to
bits - how ever far away she is.
So today was Yoga X2 - I have practised yoga for the 2 years I have been training
, finally swapping it out for TRX which I felt was more demanding. So 2 things came up I have never tried, first was Crane position

I really didn't think I could do this... and I couldn't but I was close! I got right up on my tips of my toes and was able to let my toes go for about a second! Much more than I thought I could. The second thing was a shoulder stand....

Now I am sure I did not look this elegant but I did it! and held it for the full time. This is something P90X2 has given me - because I was encouraged by my yoga teacher to try but didn't because I was afraid to fail in front of others, in my lounge on my own I was straight up there!!!!!!! I finished my session with the ab ripper and now know how week my abs still are - but there is time, there is always more to do!

Well there you go this is me, I was inspired to start this blog by this post...

and here I am turning from a rather fat caterpillar into a training butterfly :) be back soon

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