Sunday, 5 February 2012

Awesome sesh

A really great session today :) Sprints and a strength circuit - which is getting a bit monotonous but was good and then a cracking abs session to finish - we were in pair and your partner had to it your feet away and you had to stop them hitting the ground with your abs only. Cath has abs of steel so I found it hard to move her feet, but mine were like a spinning top - really felt I worked and have that lovely ache tonight.
Hoping to try out cross fit on saturday :) really excited.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

TRX trial

I let my baby (8) go to swimming class on her own today and she walked over to the gym (across the car park) to meet me from TRX class, bless her. TRX was not good today - it wasn't set up and ran 20 min late and lazy trainer was too busy enjoying the sound of his own voice to get us working well. Ah well thems the brakes. I will be going to boot camp tomorrow and hope to break a better sweat, only p90x2 is cutting it as a quality work out lately. Anyway here's me doing a pike! you will see my arse still has a ways to go!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tabata first class not so first class

I enjoyed tabata but was expecting more, can't wait for the other trainer so I can properly get my sweat on next week. Tabata is a high impact interval training method. You do sets of 20 secs on and 10 off - we did 8 sets. We did a variety of exercises, jacks, press ups, burpees, alt squats, lunges, oblique twists. Should be a good fat burner but the trainer ( yes him) left far too large a rest between each set and this made u loose impituss! Well it is 6 am boot camp tomorrow so off for some zzzzzzzzz catch u soon
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