Sunday, 29 January 2012

well a new day - a better day

Today was a better day, after posting how much a trainer can affect me - the one who has been having a negative effect on me did a really outstanding class today and I feel like I have worked my butt off. My obliques and abs ache as does my bottom :) don't you love that ache? the ache of your body changing. I so do not have any abs to see at the moment but they are there just waiting!
So today was boot camp and we did a circuit and between each station a sprint (well run for me!) This was good because there was little recovery time. The circuit included tricep dips, squat thrusts, leg raises, shoulder presses, oblique twists, squat with a core bag, high 12kg kettle swings, v-sits, press ups and pull and burpee with press up. Was fab, and after this we did a round of tabata circuit and sprints 5 min solid on each. Was a great sesh other than I thought the time per station was a bit short - 35 secs is not long enough for me to really feel it.
I have been eating a bit higher cal over the weekend and I felt great today, like I could really go for it, unlike Thurs when I felt I was constantly giving up. Maybe I need a bit higher cals, 1300 is too low for the amount of work I do perhaps? This weekend I did 1600. Hmm, learning and listening to my body! and one day it will look like this I hope :) chat soon .....

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